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WinMx and Apostasy History



WinMx History: The Glory Years 2000 - 2005

WinMx is a now-antiquated, freeware peer-to-peer network created by Frontcode Technologies in year 2000.  WinMx is still in use, albeit only by a limited corps of die-hard Mxers.  The WinMx network quickly became among the most popular peer-to-peer networks in the world, by 2005.  Not only was WinMx popular for downloading files, it also grew to have a robust chat room hosting functionality, spurred on by third party software.  At its peak and soon before the crash in 2005, there were over two thousand chat rooms online at any given time on WinMx.



WinMx History: The Crash - Sept 2005

After threats of lawsuits by the Recording Industry Artists Association (RIAA) in early September 2005, Frontcode Technologies shut down their peer cache servers and abandoned the project.  Within days, the WinMx community came up with "patched" solutions for the loss of WinMx peer cache servers because of Frontcode having left the project.  Two distinct patches emerged, one from the Vladd44 group and one from KingMacro who was affiliated with WinMxWorld Group. 


WinMx History: Patch Wars 2005 - 2008

The Vladd44 group designed a workaround (not technically a patch) which modified the users hosts file, while KingMacro's patch modified a WinMx dynamic link library (.dll).  Both sides accused each other of exploitation and attempting to control the beleaguered network.  Ultimately a finally "patch" was devised, integrated with a new binary (.exe) for WinMx, which automatically connects it to current peer cache servers. 


WinMx History: Community Patch 2008

The WinMx Community Patch was authored by a developer named Eagle, integrating the fix into a new binary (.exe) file to install the patched version of WinMx.  This version was adopted by most factions on WinMx and continues in use to this day.  To download the patched WinMx, click HERE


WinMx History: WinMx Attacks 2012 - 2014

An unknown entity began attacking WinMx in early 2012 and continues to do so, likely using some type of automated attack which causes chat rooms to not list and file search results to be compromised.  A current chat room list can be found HERE






Apostasy History: Debait is Born

I first began chatting in A ROOM FOR HERESY in the spring of 2004, but I became bored of listening to atheists jerk each other off and conspiracy nutters hyper-examining every possible alleged conspiracy since the dawn of time.  I was already inclined against religion for decades, and soon found myself in the WinMx Christian rooms arguing the prominent Christian room hosts and members, including Kayleigh, host of Christian Chat, Vicki, host of Christian Haven, and Pantele, host of Christian Discussion & Debate.  Either because my argumentation was too insidious or my language too profane, I quickly became persona non grata, and was banned on sight in all the Christian rooms on WinMx, except for Pantele's Christian Discussion & Debate, which was also the most popular Christian room on WinMx at the time, with over 50 members parked there daily, and chatting around the clock.  In mid-July of 2004, Pantele private messaged me while I was haranguing his guests in my usual caustic fashion, to laugh and encourage me further which I found surprising and reaffirming, considering this was the only Christian chat room on WinMx that would let me speak at all.  Pantele was hardly around during that month of July 2004, and by the last week of that month, his room disappeared from the network without warning or explanation.  Finding myself now with no chat room to go to, to argue Christians, I decided to host my own Christian chat room on WinMx, and took Pantele's now defunct chat room name Christian Discussion & Debate, and modified just the last word to "Debait".  Regular members still present in 2014 still refer to the room as "Debait", colloquially. 

Christian Discussion & Debait was opened on July 31st, 2004 by Knot4Prophet (me) on the WinMx peer-to-peer network.  At the time this room opened, there were over two thousand chat rooms already on WinMx, many with dozens of daily members, some with hundreds.  From the vacuum of Pantele's now-defunct Christian chat room, I hoped to gain immediate traffic and discussion from his old members, but most of those members were very loyal and very Christian, and boycotted my room.  The hostess of Christian Chat, Kayleigh, and Pantele himself both threatened me not to keep hosting my room with the modified name, which only ensured that I would continue to do so.

Since its inception Christian Discussion & Debait, has always been a free speech chat room, the first chat room on WinMx to offer and deliver no-holds-barred free speech.  The reason I was so adamant in making the room a free speech discussion room, was because I had seen so many discussions in other rooms end with one of the participants getting banned or muted by an over-zealous, sensitive administrator.  Plus, I wanted to be able to say whatever the fuck I feel like saying, and being a true supporter of equality, I couldn't deny others that same freedom as well.  There are some drawbacks to a free speech chat room, but the supporters have come to suffer and/or endure the morons, in order that their own liberty, too, is secured.

Within a few months of opening Christian Discussion & Debait, I soon realized that limitations on the medium and limitations on people's ability to read lines of text presented a threat for free speech to everyone:  flooding/spamming.  If one person repeatedly flooded the room with the same or similar few lines of text over and over, the room was effectively unusable, everyone's free speech then usurped by just one user.  This presented the only exception and limitation to ever be enforced in the chat room, with that qualification being added to the room's regular topic - FREE SPEECH ROOM (Knot Unlimited), meaning there are no restrictions on which words you say, only on how much you say them.  The equivalent scenario in a public setting would be one person with a bullhorn in a room full of people all trying to talk - only the person with the bullhorn gets heard, then.  So while free speech is and should be enshrined, access to it must be equally available and the only way to ensure equal access to speaking freely, is limiting anyone from flooding the room like a fucking moron. 

The first person ever kicked from the room for flooding (after numerous warnings to stop), was dr paul the colorado movie buff, and it was limited to just five minutes.  This was in November 2004.  Noski the Preacher Boy was the second person ousted for five minutes, using the same rationale.  I encouraged both the users to not repeat the same line(s) over and over, but mostly it was just their style of chatting, using the same few short phrases typed quickly, repeatedly.  To allow for that type of chat style, I relented on limiting anyone's speech unless they flooded the room with the same line of text over and over. 

The room soon grew in popularity with atheist, Christian and agnostic members.  Prominent members from that first year that are still chat in the room today include Daedalus, Barrett, mauxfaux, Ashwing, Sprinkles, Oddball, TamiHaze and Jega.


Apostasy History: A ROOM FOR APOSTASY



Apostasy History: Room Wars



Apostasy History: The Future is Bleak



Apostasy History: The Future is Bleak



Apostasy History: The Future is Bleak



















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